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Akuyaku Reijou Tensei Oji-san
Status Ongoing
Type Manga

Akuyaku Reijou Tensei Oji-san Raw

Alternative Titles 悪役令嬢転生おじさん

Synopsis Akuyaku Reijou Tensei Oji-san

屯田林憲三郎は52歳、妻子持ちの公務員。トラックに轢かれ、 気付いたら公爵令嬢グレイスに転生。彼女は娘がお気に入りの 乙女ゲーム「マジカル学園ラブ&ビースト」に登場する「悪役令嬢」だった! 「機獣新世紀ゾイド」(小学館)、「ツマヌダ格闘街」(少年画報社)の 上山道郎がTwitterで発表した途端16万いいね!がついてすぐさま アワーズGH(少年画報社)にて連載開始した話題作がニコ静に登場!

After a traffic accident, 52-year-old civil servant Kenzaburou Tondabayashi awakens to find he’s become Grace Auvergne, a duke’s daughter, and more importantly the villainess of an otome game. Not wanting to get in the way of the happy endings of the young characters around him, Grace sets out to play the role of the villain, but whether it’s due to Kenzaburou’s memories of being an affectionate parent getting in the way or not being able to remember those pesky foreign names properly, it ends up being a lot harder than it looks…

Artist’s Twitter: @ueyamamichiro

Released 2020
Author Ueyama Michirou
Artist UEYAMA Michirou
Serialization Young King Ours GH (Shounen Gahosha)
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