Chigau, Miyahara Omae janai!
Status Ongoing
Type Manga

Chigau, Miyahara Omae janai! Raw

Alternative Titles ちがう宮原おまえじゃない!, ちがう、宮原おまえじゃない!, No, Miyahara, Not You!, ちがう、宮原おまえじゃない!

Synopsis Chigau, Miyahara Omae janai!

憧れの女子”雪比良さん”と仲良くなるべく奮闘する有馬! でもなぜか、いつもイイところであらわれるのは…。 末永〜く見守りたい!中学生3人の青春ラブコメ、ここに開幕っ!

The manga centers on Arima, a boy who has a crush on a girl named Yukihira. But every time he tries to make a move to get closer to Yukihira, his other friend Miyahara just happens to be in the scene and will always mistakenly think that Arima is making a move on her.

Released 2022
Author OBIYA Midori
Artist FUJITAKA Tsumuri [Add, ]
Serialization Tonari no Young Jump (Shueisha)
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