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Status Ongoing
Type Manhwa

Cierra Raw

Alternative Titles 시에라, Sierra, Sierra: Je te déteste de tout mon cœur, Сиерра, シエラ~運命を変える鍵~, 冬青树下的誓约, 시에라

Synopsis Cierra

비슷한 이유로 태어나 비슷한 이유로 불행했던 공작가의 사생아 ‘시에라’와 황제의 사생아 ‘클로드’. 아무에게도 말할 수 없는 관계를 유지하던 두사람에게 불행이 찾아온다.
“다시 시간을 되돌릴 수 있다면, 다른 선택을 할 수 있게 해 줘”
밀려오는 후회를 감당하지 못하는 시에라, 눈을 떠보니 그녀의 옆에는 클로드가 있는데…

Cierra Elburke and Claude LeSpencer, both sharing backgrounds of illegitimacy, find refuge from the scorn of their family and society in each other’s arms. But when Cierra is forced to marry someone other than her beloved, she begs for another chance at life with a happier ending. Through the power of the “key” to the throne that is gifted by Claude, Cierra is given a chance to start over. Yet this time, she chooses to leave everything behind, including Claude, with hope for a better life. Has she made the right choice, or will this second chance prove more disastrous than her original fate?

Released 2021
Author Rana (II)
Artist MoonA
Serialization Naver Webtoon (Naver)Naver Series (Naver)
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