Isekai no Meitantei
Status Ongoing
Type Manga

Isekai no Meitantei Raw

Alternative Titles 異世界の名探偵; Detectives from another world

Synopsis Isekai no Meitantei


The dull detective, a mystery maniac, has died.
However, with that memory, swords and magic, and monsters and dungeons,
Reincarnated as a commoner van in the fantasy world of the royal road.
Van’s outstanding magical talent, and his knowledge and sensibilities from the previous world,
Even though he is a commoner, he grows up. But in front of that van
A mysterious murder case occurs. As expected, Van makes use of mystery knowledge
Can the case be resolved? Fantasy mystery.

Released 2020
Author Kamome Katazoto
Artist 蒼一郎
Serialization Comic Valkyrie
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