Kubi o Kiraneba Wakarumai
Status Ongoing
Type Manga

Kubi o Kiraneba Wakarumai Raw

Alternative Titles If You Do Not Behead, You Cannot Understand, If You Do Not Behead, You Shall Not Understand, Kubi wo Kiraneba Wakarumai, 未被斩首、不知其性, 首を斬らねばわかるまい

Synopsis Kubi o Kiraneba Wakarumai

The fourth year of the Meiji Era. Yukinosuke, the son of a family of the privileged aristocratic class, goes about his life covering up a worry he has, being “I have not once had an erection”. In the midst of such troubled days, he meets Sayo, the head of a family of executioners spanning back into the Edo period. After witnessing a beheading performed by her, something pitch black starts to well up inside Yukinosuke!! Sprouting from lust begins a noble romance of blood and nature!!

Released 2019
Author MONMA Tsukasa
Serialization Comic Days (Kodansha)Young Magazine (Kodansha)
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Warning, the series titled "Kubi o Kiraneba Wakarumai" may contain violence, blood or sexual content that is not appropriate for minors.