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Monster Duke Daughter
Status Ongoing
Type Manhwa

Monster Duke Daughter Raw

Alternative Titles 괴물공작의 딸, Con gái của Công tước Quái Vật, Hija del monstruo duque, La fille du duc monstrueux, Lottie Putrinya Damian, Putri Duke Monster, Дочка герцога-монстра, Дочь герцога-монстра, ابنه الذوق الوحش, บุตรสาวของดยุกปีศาจ, កូនស្រីណព្វរបស់ រលាកដង្ខៅ, 怪物公爵の娘, 怪物公爵的女儿, 괴물공작의 딸, Monster Duke's Daughter

Synopsis Monster Duke Daughter

세상과 단절되어 살아가던 나는 ‘괴물공작’ 이라 불리는 아빠에게 거둬졌다.
어느 날, 아빠의 서재에서 이상한 책을 발견하는데…
이거 내용이 왜 이래? 내가 병 때문에 죽는다고? 그러면서 양녀를 들이고 잘해줘?
어차피 죽을 거라면 그전에는 뭘 해도 안 죽는다는 거잖아! 그렇다면, 정말 로티 맘대로 해버릴 거야!

When her mom goes missing, three-year-old Lotilucia stumbles on a magic crest that transports her to the estate of House Frodium, one of the empire’s most powerful noble families. Little Lottie immediately recognizes Duke Damian Frodium as her dad; he is the so-called “Monster Duke” of demon descent. Once taken into the house, Lottie does her best to stay out of his way. But then she stumbles on a magic book that shows her a story about Duke Frodium’s adopted daughter replacing his dead daughter named Lotilucia! Lottie is shocked but also emboldened by the prophetic tale. If she is meant to die anyway, she might as well be her cheeky self and do as she pleases! This new Lottie wins over her demon dad along with his staff, but will she manage to stay alive and thrive as the Monster Duke’s daughter?

Released 2021
Author HAN Bada
Artist Chal Lan
Serialization Naver Challenge (Naver)Naver Series (Naver)Naver Webtoon (Naver)
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Chapter Monster Duke Daughter