Musume no Tomodachi
Status Ongoing
Type Manga

Musume no Tomodachi Raw

Alternative Titles Daughter's Friend, L'un des grands secrets d'une femme fatale., One of the Great Secrets of a Femme Fatale, 女儿的朋友, 女兒的朋友, 娘の友達

Synopsis Musume no Tomodachi

家庭では父親として、会社では係長として、“理想的な自分”を演じるように生きてきた主人公・晃介。だが、娘の友達である少女・古都との出会いにより、人生は180度変化する。 彼女の前では、本物の自分でいられた。すり減った心が、癒されていった。それが、“決して抱いてはいけない感情”だと知りながら――。 社会の中で自己を抑圧する現代人へ贈る、“ミドルエイジ・ミーツ・ガール”ストーリーが幕を開ける。

Kosuke has lived to play the ideal self as a father at home and as a manager at work. However, his life changes 180 degrees when he meets his daughter’s friend. In front of her, Kosuke was able to be his real self and his worn-out heart was healed. However, He knows that these are feelings that should never be held. The story of the Middle Aged Man Meets Girl, presented to the modern people who suppress themselves in society, begins.

Released 2019
Author HAGIHARA Asami
Artist HAGIHARA Asami
Serialization Comic Days (Kodansha)
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Warning, the series titled "Musume no Tomodachi" may contain violence, blood or sexual content that is not appropriate for minors.

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