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Nanji, Rinjin wo ×eyo
Status Ongoing
Type Manga

Nanji, Rinjin wo ×eyo Raw

Alternative Titles Nanji, Rinjin wo Basseyo., Thou Shall Kill, 汝、隣人を×せよ。

Synopsis Nanji, Rinjin wo ×eyo

“Who would you like to kill?” Set in future Japan where murder has been legalized. In order to protect the vulnerable from violent and diversified crimes, the “one murder in a lifetime law” was enacted. It’s the right to murder only one person in your lifetime. A sixth grader who’s in despair about living after being abused by her stepfather, a family whose pet was killed by a man who abused animals and uploaded videos of murdering them, and a high school girl who no longer comes to school due to bullying all applied for the Kill Benefit. If these are accepted, the Kill Benefit Execution Committee will go to the execution of the targeted person.

Released 2018
Author AZUKI Ryou
Artist AZUKI Ryou
Serialization JOUR Suteki na Shufu-tachi (Futabasha)
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