Onee-sama to Kyojin
Status Ongoing
Type Manga

Onee-sama to Kyojin Raw

Alternative Titles お姉さまと巨人 ~お嬢さまが異世界転生~, La hermana mayor y la Gigante (Yo): La señorita reencarnada en otro mundo, My Sister and Giant, My Sister and Giant ~ A Young Lady Is Reborn in Another World ~, Onee-sama to Kyojin ~ Ojou-sama ga Isekai Tensei ~, Onee-sama to Watashi, Onee-sama to Watashi ~ Ojou-sama ga Isekai Tensei ~, The Onee-sama and the Giant, お姉さまと巨人, お姉さまと巨人(わたし), お姉さまと巨人(わたし)~お嬢様が異世界転生~, 姐姐大人和巨人(我)~大小姐转生进入异世界~

Synopsis Onee-sama to Kyojin


同じく転生したであろうヒナコの『お姉さま』と、エイリスの兄弟を捜すため、お互いの目的が一致したがため。 しかし、ある依頼を精算する際に教会騎士の男に目をつけられてしまう――。


Hinako, is one reincarnated from another world, she was called “the smallest giant” after she and the giant Eiris were united as sisters because they have the same goal; to find their family. Hinako searches for her sister, who could also have been reincarnated, and Eiris’ siblings. However, in resolving a certain request, a gentleman from a church catches her eye, and is forced to take a risk.A story about a young girl and a giant, two people of different race and birth, searching for their “loved ones”, begins in this otherworldly fantasy of reincarnation that unites them.

Released 2021
Author Be-con
Artist Be-con
Serialization Aokishi (Kadokawa)
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