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Status Ongoing
Type Manga

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Alternative Titles Skippu to Rofa, スキップとローファー, 跃动青春

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岩倉美津未、今日から東京の高校生! 入学を機に地方から上京した彼女は、勉強こそできるものの、過疎地育ちゆえに同世代コミュ経験がとぼしい。そのうえちょっと天然で、慣れない都会の高校はなかなかムズカシイ! だけど、そんな「みつみちゃん」のまっすぐでまっしろな存在感が、本人も気づかないうちにクラスメイトたちをハッピーにしていくのです!

Iwakura Mitsumi always had big dreams, of leaving her small town, advancing to a top tier university, and then contributing to the country before retiring back to her home town. So focused is she on her goal that she is oblivious to all the other ways she comes up short, much to the chagrin and concern of her friends and family. Can a naive country girl make it in Tokyo?

Nominated for the 2020 Manga Taisho Award, came in third behind the winner Blue Period and second place, Spy x Family.

Released 2018
Author TAKAMATSU Misaki
Serialization Afternoon (Kodansha)
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