Souzoku Tantei
Status Ongoing
Type Manga

Souzoku Tantei Raw

Alternative Titles 相続探偵, THE HYENA HAS SEVEN LIVES.

Synopsis Souzoku Tantei

-The heritage, there are as many inheritances as there are people who can’t make you cry,
and there are as many cases as there are inheritances-Japan, which has become an aging society, is truly a “conflict” era!
Today, too, a fierce “conflict” over heritage has begun at the funeral of the great writer.
One man who came with such a stinky smell, his name is Nanao Ashie.
Haie, who is a detective specializing in troubles related to inheritance, reveals the secret of the “video will” left by the writer with a sense of smell like hyena.


Released 2020
Author 西荻弓絵
Artist 西荻弓絵
Serialization Evening (Kodansha)
Posted On
Updated On
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