Tempus Ethicae
Status Ongoing
Type Manga

Tempus Ethicae Raw

Alternative Titles Echika no jikan, Tempus Ethicae, エチカの時間

Synopsis Tempus Ethicae

悩み、選択しますか? それとも、人間やめますか?
善とは何か、悪とは何か。 圧倒的ジレンマを前にしたとき、人はどう行動できるのか?

Trouble, do you choose? Or do you stop human beings?
What is good and what is evil? How can a person behave in the face of an overwhelming dilemma?
The ultimate ethics game that overturns your common sense, opening!

Released 2019
Author OKAMOTO Yuuichirou, TAMAI Yukio
Artist TAMAI Yukio
Serialization Big Comic Superior (Shōgakukan)
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