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Tensei Inja wa Hokusoemu
Status Ongoing
Type Manga

Tensei Inja wa Hokusoemu Raw

Alternative Titles Tensei Inja wa Hokusoemu, 転生隠者はほくそ笑む, Reincarnated hideout laughs

Synopsis Tensei Inja wa Hokusoemu

元の体はもう火葬されているから、気にいった女キャラは俺の情婦にする! そして、ダンジョン造って気楽な(爛れた)性…もとい生活を送ってやる!

By the Earth God Gaias, I was sent to the world of VRMMORPG “Valkyria Chronicle”. However, the character’s avatar was not “Valkyria Chronicle”, but a character created by the dungeon training RPG “Dungeon Seed”.
Apparently, I died in the real world and reincarnated in this world with the data of the dungeon made with the “dungeon seed” that went around.
The original body has already been cremated, so the female character you like will be my mistress!

Released 2020
Author 住須譲治 (Jouji Sumisu)
Artist 逢魔刻壱
Serialization Young Dragon Age
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