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Tsugumi Project
Status Ongoing
Type Manga

Tsugumi Project Raw

Alternative Titles Toratsugumi - Tsugumi Project, 虎鶫 とらつぐみ -TSUGUMI PROJECT-, 虎鶫〈とらつぐみ〉 -TSUGUMI PROJECT-

Synopsis Tsugumi Project

Leon, an elite soldier from a militaristic Europe, was forcibly embarked on a secret expedition. In a ruined Japan, abandoned for more than 200 years, he and his companions in misfortune must recover a terrifying weapon. Its code name: Tsugumi. All we know about it is that its destructive potential is such that the world has preferred to crush the archipelago under a shower of atomic bombs rather than see its development completed…

But the operation turned short: the plane crashed, and Leon found himself alone in Tokyo Bay. Hungry, at the end of his strength, with only one anti-radiation suit for protection, he quickly discovers that the city is not as deserted as expected…

Released 2019
Author ippatu
Artist ippatu
Serialization Weekly Young Magazine (Kodansha)
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