Efu no Shichinin
Status Ongoing
Type Manga

Efu no Shichinin Raw

Alternative Titles 卫府之七忍, 衛府の七忍

Synopsis Efu no Shichinin

覇府の威によって戦国乱世を支配した治国平天下大君・家康。その意に従わぬ民は軍神・吉備津彦命に誅戮される運命だ。だが見よ! 惨酷なる人界を跋扈する七つの影。人か獣か風か花片か、いや、衛府の刃・怨身忍者だ!

Ieyasu, a tycoon of the Warring States, who ruled the Warring States era by the power of Hefu. People who do not follow that will be destined to be the war god Kibitsuhiko-mei. But behold! The seven shadows that scare the devastating human world. A person, a beast, a wind or a flower piece, no, it’s a blade of the guard, a grunt ninja!

Released 2015
Author YAMAGUCHI Takayuki
Serialization Champion Red (Akita Shoten)
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Warning, the series titled "Efu no Shichinin" may contain violence, blood or sexual content that is not appropriate for minors.

Chapter Efu no Shichinin