Heisei Haizanhei Sumire-chan
Status Ongoing
Type Manga

Heisei Haizanhei Sumire-chan Raw

Alternative Titles 平成敗残兵☆すみれちゃん, Heisei Haizanhei ☆ Sumire-chan, Heisei Surviving Soldier ⭐ Sumire-chan, 平成敗残兵☆すみれちゃん

Synopsis Heisei Haizanhei Sumire-chan

元・売れないアイドル、現・プータローの『すみれちゃん』31歳。芸能界の熾烈な競争に敗北し、カラダもココロもボコられた彼女は、とりあえずボロアパートでゴロゴロする日々を過ごしていた。そんな彼女に目をつけた従兄弟の高校1年生『ゆうせい』が、とある儲け話を持ちかける。「カラダはいいんだから同人グラビア写真集出そうよ」。果たしてすみれちゃんは令和の世でリベンジをかませるのか!? 乞うご期待!

A formerly unsuccessful idol turned vagrant, “Sumire-chan” (31 y.o.)A vanquished survivor of the cutthroat competition in the showbiz world, with her mind and body both beaten by the struggle, she now lives in a run-down apartment where she spends her days lazing around, for the time being. Her cousin “Yuusei”, a first-year highschooler, has been keeping an eye on her and comes to her with a proposal for a moneymaking idea.”You have a nice body, so let’s release a doujin gravure photobook.”Will Sumire-chan actually be able to stage a comeback in the world of the Reiwa era!? Let’s stay tuned!

Released 2024
Serialization Young Magazine (Kodansha)
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