Isekai Kokka Archimaira
Status Ongoing
Type Manga

Isekai Kokka Archimaira Raw

Alternative Titles Another World Nation Archimaira, Isekai Kokka Archimaira, 異世界国家アルキマイラ, 異世界国家アルキマイラ ~最弱の王と無双の軍勢~

Synopsis Isekai Kokka Archimaira

The VR game “Tactics Chronicle” is a state-management game. One day, Helian, a player who has reached the top of the game and become the king of a land of demons, is suddenly transported to another world, his own country in the game. What he saw there was a character from the game acting with his own ego…! This is the story of a human king who leads a warrior fusion demon beast. A super royal fantasy war story that begins with an alternate world transfer!
Released 2021
Author AONO Akatsuki
Artist BARZ
Serialization Manga Up! (Square Enix)
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