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Oogami-san, Dadamore desu
Status Ongoing
Type Manga

Oogami-san, Dadamore desu Raw

Alternative Titles Oogami-san, Reveal Your Feelings., 오오가미 양, 줄줄 새고 있어요, 大上さん、だだ漏れです。, 大上同学,暴露了心声。

Synopsis Oogami-san, Dadamore desu

My privates, don’t expose yourself!! “How does it work for boys?” I, Oogami, am absorbed in erotic things while trying to keep my interest hidden. If I were to be found out, I wouldn’t be able to stay alive… While I feel ashamed, I can still live peacefully. But after coming across Yaginuma-kun in class, my sex drive has exposed itself! I want to touch him but I can’t! This erotic love comedy of naive misconceptions of puberty is shooting at full force!

Released 2016
Serialization Afternoon (Kodansha)
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