Sasha-chan to Classmate Otaku-kun
Status Ongoing
Type Manga

Sasha-chan to Classmate Otaku-kun Raw

Alternative Titles サーシャちゃんとクラスメイトオタクくん, JC Sasha and Her Otaku Classmate, JC莎夏酱和同班的宅宅, サーシャちゃんとクラスメイトオタクくん

Synopsis Sasha-chan to Classmate Otaku-kun

僕は未来の大漫画家にして現えっちな同人誌アシの中学生。学校で同人誌を読んでいたら、えっち方面に興味津々の美少女、サーシャさんから「ししょー」と呼ばれ‥‥!? 同人誌から始まる“サガハル”ストーリー!

Regardless of what they will say and without fear of falling to the bottom of the social ladder within the school, Otaku-kun does not hide his great fondness for adult manga, which earns him the rejection of his class just in the moment. first day of class; however, Sasha, far from feeling aberration at her hobby, shows a peculiar interest, thus starting a relationship… mentor-student?!

Released 2022
Author Haguhagu
Artist Haguhagu
Serialization Dengeki Moeoh (ASCII Media Works)
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