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Yagate Kimi ni Naru
Status Ongoing
Type Manga

Yagate Kimi ni Naru Raw

Alternative Titles やがて君になる, Al final me convertiré en ti, Bloom Into You, Eventually, I Will Become Yours, Gdy zakwitnie w nas miłość, Pada Akhirnya, Aku Akan Menjadi Milikmu, Rồi hoa sẽ nở, Sonunda, Senin Olacağım, Till slut, blir dig, Yaga Kimi, YagaKimi, В конечном счёте я стану твоей, Коли прийде час, я стану Тобою, أُزهر فيك, في النهاية، سأصبح مُلكك, สุดท้ายก็คือเธอ, やがて君になる, 最終我成為了妳, 終將成為妳, 终将成为�, 이윽고 네가 된다

Synopsis Yagate Kimi ni Naru


Koito Yuu just began her first year in high school but still hesitates to respond to a confession she received from her friend during middle school graduation. Unlike the sparkly and bright love she hears in music and reads in books, his confession did not fill her heart with any emotion.As Yuu walks to the student council, she stumbles upon Nanami Touko turning down a confession with certainty and kindness. Nanami’s confident response that she has no intention of dating anyone sparked Yuu’s interest, so she seeks Nanami’s advice on how to respond to her own confession. Yuu confides that she already decided to turn him down, explaining how she wanted to fall in love but is unable to as she has never felt what it is like to have someone special. Nanami comforts Yuu with sympathy for the difficulty of wanting to love but not having someone to fall in love with, and at that moment Yuu’s phone rings. Nanami takes Yuu’s hand and tells her she only needs to speak from her heart. As Yuu turns down his confession, Nanami’s hand still holding hers, a bright new spark was formed.

Released 2015
Author Nakatani Nio
Serialization Comic Dengeki Daioh (ASCII Media Works)
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